Reading Wednesday! Nora Roberts Key Trilogy!

One of my all time favorite past times is reading. I love light reading such as romances with a bit of mystical mystery thrown in for good measure. I am starting a new blog series called Reading Wednesday where I will review books I actually read and I think you will enjoy. Most of these books are not new releases. They are books I like to keep and read often.


Nora Roberts is one of my favorite authors. My favorite writings of hers are her famed trilogies. Unlike most romance novelist Nora Roberts adds other elements to tell the story. That in my opinion, makes her unique and refreshing even though she has been writing for over 25 years.

Disclaimer: There may be some spoilers but I do my best to share this book with you without sharing too much..

Key Trilogy:

Overview of the books:

Three strong smart women are invited to Warriors Peak a castle like home in the hills of Pleasant Valley. They meet Rowena and Pitt. They are the magic of this story. They tell a story of three demi-goddess that are captured by a nasty god wanting to control the god world. Their teacher and protector are Rowena and Pitt and because they were unable to save the girls they have been banished to our world till they find three women to find  three keys and unlock the box of souls to release them. Rowena and Pitt can do little to help Mallory, Dana, and Zoe but they do their best to protect them so they can search for the keys. Each woman has 1 moon cycle to find their key.

Key of Light synopsis:

The first book in this series is called Key of Light. Mallory a curator of an art gallery in the valley must find her key through her love of art. She meets Flynn who is a handsome news paper man and who is the step brother of Dana. Through this he gets involved and helps the women in their quests. But as with every romance story he is captivated by Mallory.

In Flynn Mallory finds what she has always wanted and while she is searching for her key she is trying to convince Flynn she is what he has always wanted.

Key of Knowledge synopsis:

The second book in the series is Key of Knowledge. Dana is a librarian who loves books and is facing her hours cut at the local library. Her quest is to find her key in books and yes knowledge. She had a lover in her youth who through circumstances comes back to the valley to help the women in the quest for the keys.

Jordan was Flynn’s best friend and Dana was heart-broken when Jordan left to become an author. Jordan wants to win Dana back and keeps her guessing as he courts her again.


Key of Valor synopsis:

The last book in the series Zoe is a hair stylist at a local salon and has been fired. Zoe needs to open up and have courage to find her key. Zoe had a hard life growing up but she came out of it with a precious son named Simon. As a single Mom he is the reason for everything. She meets Brad a building supply store tycoon but Brad has a painting of her and fell instantly in love but when he finally meets her he falls deeper and wants to win Zoe and her son. Zoe must learn to trust again and accept or she wont find her key.

My humble opinion:

What ties these books together and what makes them unique as a series. Well as always you have strong women meeting the men of their dreams and desires but you also see how connected the women are though the series. Having met at the Peak and going through their separate trials to find the keys to let the souls of the demi-goddess out they become best friends.  They learn to trust each other and the men helping them. Each woman was strong and smart but they become better by banding together.

Of course, the good battle evil and win, but they win together.  They form a family of 6 and because of that they have the keys to unlock the lock. What mere mortals can do with a little help from the gods.

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