3 Easy Steps to Starting that Veggie Garden!

So for my New Years resolution this year I decided to do a vegetable garden this spring and summer. Because of health issues and the crazy life we live I just didn’t have the time or inclination to have one.  Well, we all missed it and even my husband of 22 years asked me about it.  The kids not so much because I draft them to help on occasion. 

Your yelling at the screen… But…. But… Why are you talking vegetable gardens in January?? I hear ya…… But I have a reason for talking about vegetable gardens in January I promise…..

So lets talk about why to start a vegetable garden…….. Everyone has their own reasons and I want you to comment and share yours….. My reasons are for real organic food, learning the art of growing my own, saving money and to feel wonderful when I cook or even share my bounty.

In my opinion the art of growing food for our tables is almost gone. If you talk to anyone who lived through the depression they can share their experiences and most will tell you it was a necessity to live. By growing your own food you control how it is grown. No questions about is it safe to eat or what chemicals were used to grow them. There is a big reason why farmers markets are all over the place… The cost of 1 tomato here in my town at Walmart no less is $1.38 lb… for $2 bucks I can get a pack of seeds and grow 40 tomato plants with 30 tomatoes on each…. But using what I grow and sharing it with others I can feel like i’m doing right by my family and friends.

OK your convinced its a great idea and cost effecive to boot… But…. you live in an apartment, city, or small community with little space. You can still plant something if you think outside the box…. Some ideas are get window boxes, clear out your lawn..”OH NO!!!” get a grow light set up and grow indoors… The ideas are endless if you stop and think about it…

So now why am I talking vegetable garden in January???? Like everything in life it works best if you spend some time planning and prepping for it. By thinking now you can be ready to work when its time to work instead of walking around wondering where to start. Yes… I have done this many, many times….

So What should you do in January to prep for a vegetable garden you ask??????

Here are the 4 steps you can do in January to have a FABULOUS garden in the spring and summer…

Step 1: Find out your gardening zone and your last frost date….. This is easy as can be. My garden zone is 9 and my last frost date is March 7th. ( the joys of living in Northern California..) Here are 3 websites I use that are tried and true to any gardener. They even have an app for that too..

Old Farmers Almanac The most useful site in my opinion for any gardeners.

Mother Earth News Fabulous site for organic growing and great ideas.

Burpee Seeds Another great resorce for your garden needs.

Disclosure: I used these sites and recieve NOTHING from them. They are the best tried and tested sites I have found for my garden needs.

Step 2: How much space do you have to plant? All plants need a certain amount of space for the roots and follage to grow properly. I grab a piece of paper and pencil… Always use a pencil if your like me and it takes you 4 times to draw the space correctly. Take a tape messure out and messure the space you have. Draw it to scale as best you can. This will dictate what you can plant and how much you can plant.

Step 3: What do you want to grow? For me I want it all… But I dont have the space to grow it. So you have to think what you really want to plant and use this guideline… Plant what you like to eat or what your family likes to eat.. If no one likes tomatoes and you plant 5 tomato plants you will be giving them away to everyone you see on the street. Do you like stuff for salads, do you like canning and dehydrating? Do you cook with herbs? Maybe you want to grow the biggest pumpkin! Have fun picking what grows best in your area.

I hope this helps you and I want to hear what you plan on planting this year and all your ideas. Lets help each other have the best garden in our worlds…

Glad your here….


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iphone-pics-005Welcome to Lisa’s Chat Blog! I am glad your here! 

For my first post I want to tell you a bit about myself and share with you what I want to blog about.

First a bit about me…. I am 45 years old, married and Mom of 2 ages 21 and 18. Also, can’t forget Buddy our Cairn terrior mix dog.  I am currently a home mom and wife but I also do crochet items and have an online store plus get to have fun going to various craft fairs in my area. Here is a link to my store on Etsy.

I enjoy so many hobbies that I will share with you as the years go on. To name a few I crochet, garden, raise chickens, coupon, cook and yes I play PokemonGo with my kids.

Please feel free to contact me I love to get to know new people and learn what they like to do.

Glad your here!