Lisa’s Weight Loss Journey: Start!

Glad your here with me on this new and exciting journey!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Dr, nutritionist, or expert of anything. This is ment to inspire you and also to motivate me. PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR DR BEFORE TRYING ANY KIND OF DIET OR WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM. Your goal is to loss weight not cause more health problems while doing it.

So here is a little about me and why I need to loss a few pounds. Simply I have a couple of health problems I need to start controlling and the first step is to loss weight.

I am a diabetic type 2 and take medication to help control it. I also need total knee replacement and I have to loss weight before my Dr will schedule the surgery.

Full disclosure here gang!!!! I love to eat carbs and fats and sugars. I am an average woman of 45 years, married, and have 2 kids in college. I have to start concentrating on ME more so I can be there for my family and friends. I need to start actively controlling my health problems so they don’t control me anymore…. OK remind me of this from time to time will ya?????

Here is me today as I write this post and start my journey. As you can see I am not nor will I ever be a model.

I am using a free apple app called fatsecret I found to help with documenting calories and weight. Because of my knee issues I can’t walk around the block or go to the gym. So most of my exercise is going to be housework and things in small dosage.



As of this morning I weight 234.4 lbs. And of course I weight my self naked!!! Don’t  we all!!! I am 5’1″ tall. I even measured my waist at 43 inches and hips at 56 inches. See I am disclosing everything…lol

Now my normal diet is a lot of processed foods, and also junk foods. I love a good burger and fries. I love pasta and I tend to not eat regular meals at set times. I live on coffee, cereal is a weakness as well as breads and meat.

I will be sharing what I am eating and what I am doing with you. I want to inspire you and to share my successes and failers. While doing research I noticed most like to say how great they are doing but don’t share when they mess up or fall off the wagon… Not cool in my opinion as we all know it’s an uphill battle carrying 100 lbs in a snow storm while wearing 6 inch heels…..

I tried doing a juice cleanse diet and found it started to mess up my blood sugar levels even though it was mainly greens with lemon and a green apple. So I decided to add it to a healthier diet.

So here is my ideal diet plan. Of course I know I will falter a bit some days…

1 coffee with nondairy creamier: As I am a coffee aholic I plan on still drinking 1 coffee with nondairy creamier. My usual is 3-4 throughout the day.

Drinking at least 3 cups of homemade green juice: I will be changing up the ingredients because one recipe will drive me crazy.

Having a salad at lunch because I can eat all the salad I want as long as I keep the dressing under control. I can add ham, chicken, tuna to up my protein as well.

Drinking more water with propel as I am not a big straight water gal

Having a healthy dinner. This may be tough because I am the cook for everyone in my house and they are not going to be happy with salad or beans for dinner all the time. This will be by shopping around the store instead of in the isles. No more quick package dinners and snacks for me.

My husband as always is 110% behind me in this and found me a $48 juicer at a Sears discount store. I tried using a blender and it will work if you do a lot of prep on the veggies. and strain it a few times. I know me and I will not want to do it everyday.


I will not pay $300 plus for a juicer…. We are on a strict budget and its a waste of cash IMHO.

Here is my first juice recipe. I used one I found on the internet but modified it a bit for my taste. Use fresh from the store or farmstand. You can find bottles of this type of juice in the store but its overpriced and I found had more sugar than if you just did the work yourself.

3 stalk of celery

1 cucumber

handful of spinach

handful of kale

1 lemon

1 green apple

Now I wash everything, peel the lemon and cut up the apple, and cucumber to fit in my juicer. As you can see I did NOT peel the apple or cucumber. Most of the vitamins and minerals are in the skins of veggies. But if you are using a blender you will need to peel them and cut everything smaller. Also, with the blender you will need to add about 1-2 cups so your blender can blend them. You will need to use a strainer and spoon to run it through at least 2-3 times to get all the juice out. The amount will be less than I got with this cheap juicer.

Now juice it. Easy as can be.

You can add ginger but I am not a big fan and I found it left an after taste. This recipe tastes like a lemonade so not bad.


I got 3 cups of juice not bad and I also found for me I like it very cold before I drink it so I make it early in the morning and place it in the fridge. No need to get special gear for that I just used a quart canning jar I had around because I can everything in the garden I can.


So that is the basics of me and my goals.. I hope you comeback and follow me on this and help encourage me to keep going and work hard for my health and well-being.
Please Please Please… Share your ideas in the comments! I am an average gal trying to do better and sometimes others have great ideas to help… Please also like and follow me on this.

Glad you are here! Lisa


Crochet Easy Dog Sweater!

Glad your here… as it’s cold outside and our dog, a cairn terrier mix we liberated a year ago from an animal shelter, is smallish and gets cold easy. I developed an easy dog sweater that is warm, easy on and off and washable. This pattern is adaptable to any size dog as long as you measure. Three measurements are needed. Around the neck, from head to beginning of tail and around the chest or belly (which ever is larger)

Our dog Buddy is the model today so it looks real big on him.

I’m making this for a friends dog and his measurements are 16 inches around the neck, 20 inches from neck to tail, and 25 inches around the chest/ belly area.

For this sweater I am using Bernat royal blue and Red Heart white.

A size 5.5 crochet hook but use what the yarn recommends.

A button or 2 I use one that can be sewed in with yarn. Easy and looks great! They are 1.1/4 inches and are easy to sew in with yarn.  As it’s a larger dog I am doing 2 buttons.

Scissors and yarn needle

Stitches DC- double crochet (you can use any stitch you like but I used DC because then I don’t have to leave a space for the button-hole. It’s there for you.

For the sweater I chained 50 and did DC in  the 4th chain from the hook. DC to the end chain 3 turn and work your way. That’s it… yes that’s it. Well for the first part anyway.

Now I’m doing a stripped pattern so I alternated the blue and white every 2 rows. You decide if you want solid or stripped or multi-colored. I did 2 rows of blue and 2 rows of white. But again the beauty part of this easy dog sweater is you design it.

I am also, doing back loop only. After your first DC row start using the back loop only as you work the length.  It gives the sweater a great pattern design.

I also did a turtleneck so I did a few more rows so it can fold over.

After you have the length sew 3-6 inches together so it goes around your dog’s neck.

Then on one side of the sweater start don’t my D.C. Leaving an area for the front legs and back-end.

D.C. The width you need for your dog. And just eyeball the perfect position for the button or buttons.

Attach the button on the short piece b cause then you can button your pup in for the best fit.

Buddy is not happy with me because I woke him up.

See easy as can be. Just pick your color or colors and get the measurements. I add 1 inch to the numbers because the last thing your pet wants is a tight-fitting sweater.

To wash this fabulous easy sweater just wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.

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Glad your here!


Crochet the Easiest Shawl!

Glad your here crochet lovers! As I was shopping for my Christmas gifts and such, I noticed there were a ton of shawls made from all materials and styles. As someone who is not a fashionista in any way shape or form I thought…”HEY guess their in style again..” I know real observant….

I made a few shawls for my craft fair adventures in November and December and they sold out. Complete shock to me because I tend to make what I like and what I have fun making for these things… Trends are not a part of my booth plan.

I want to share with you the easiest shawl I make. You can use your own yarn choices and color schemes of course.

For this shawl I used Carron Cakes. I must say this yarn is perfect for a shawl or even blanket. The color combination and transition are excellent!

Crochets Easiest Shawl:

You will need:

Carron Cake yarn at least 2 balls, or the yarn of your choice.

Crochet hook that works best with your yarn choice.

Scissors always a must

Yarn needle to sew in ends if you need too

Stitches I use are magic ring, DC – double crochet, and chain

Not hard at all…

Start with a magic ring inside the ring crochet 1 DC, chain 1, 3 DC, chain 1, and 1 more DC. total 5 DC. You will have 1 set of 3 DC.

Row 2 Chain 4, turn your work and in the first hole crochet 3 DC, chain 1, and 3 DC in next hole, chain 1, 1 DC. total 2 sets of 3 DC.

Row 3 repeat the chain 4 at each end of the rows adding 1 set of 3 DC at each end.

You will be doing this pattern till you reach the width you want. It’s a big triangle. With the cake yarn 1 ball will make a child size but I do 2 balls for teen and adult size.

After you have the desired width of your shawl you can stop there and weave in ends… but if you want a little splash on your shawl add fringe… you can make them as long or short as you like. For this you just cut the length you want but remember it’s going to be doubled over. I used a huge hook to attach it. Easy huh?  Look at that transition…. FABULOUS!!



See how easy it is… I even did this shawl while watching TV. Because it takes me a few days to complete this project I only did a sample of the process so I can get this out there for you. I’ll finish it and it will be posted on my Etsy site soon.
Let me know if you like this shawl and if you make one… comment below! And don’t forget to follow me for more easy crochet projects.

Glad your here!




Crochet a Bun Hat the Easy Way!


Today’s post is to talk about crochet…. Crochet is one of my favorite things to do. I can take it everywhere and I can express my creativity while making things people need and enjoy.

DISCLAIMER: This pattern is written for your use and enjoyment PLEASE do not sell it for profit. This pattern also assumes you know how to do the crochet stitches already. If you need help please let me know I can walk you through it.

Lets talk Bun Hat…. The bun hat is easy and quick to work if you know the basic crochet stitches. Because long hair is in style right now people are making this hat all over the internet but it never comes out exactly correct for me. I decided to try one of my own creations with easy instructions.  I do not understand most crochet instructions so I just play and work it to come out the way I like it. Also, plenty of pictures to show you how the hat comes together.

This pattern is for adult/teens you can make a smaller one by doing less single crochets on the hair band and less double crochet rows. Use a measuring tape to find your perfect width and hight.


Lets talk materials that you will need:

Yarn ( any kind you like) my favorite type of yarn is Red Heart Super Saver because it’s very cost-effective and easy to work with.

Crochet hook ( any size that works with the yarn you choose to work with. Red Heart works well with a 5.5 mm so that is what I use with it.

Needle to sew in ends if you need too.

Scissors to cut the yarn as needed

And for this project get a hair band just a regular cheap one will do.

Stitches you will be working with are:

SC – single crochet

DC – double crochet

FPDC – front post double crochet

BPDC – back post double crochet

C – chains

SS – slip stitch

Row 1: Attach the yarn on to the hair band then I single crochet around the band till you reach 24 SC. Then SS and C 3


Row 2: 2 DC in each stitch around then SS and C 3.


Row 3: Pattern is 2 DC in first stitch then 1 DC in next. repeat till you reach the end of the row and SS and C3.

Row 4-9: 1 DC in each stitch with a SS and C3 at the end of each row.


Row 10: Alternate FPDC and BPDC to the end of the row. SS and C3.


Row 11: Alternate BPDC and FPDC to the end of the row then SS and C3.

Row 12 and 13: Repeat row 10 and then row 11 SS and C1 at each end of rows.

Row 14: SC each stitch around and SS together. DONE!!!!


Easy HUH????

My model is my daughter Allison. How cute is that…


Change it up using multiple colors or alternating the stitches a different way. Unique and the hight of fashion…

If you have any questions please contact me here and I will do my best to help.

Glad your here!


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3 Easy Steps to Starting that Veggie Garden!

So for my New Years resolution this year I decided to do a vegetable garden this spring and summer. Because of health issues and the crazy life we live I just didn’t have the time or inclination to have one.  Well, we all missed it and even my husband of 22 years asked me about it.  The kids not so much because I draft them to help on occasion. 

Your yelling at the screen… But…. But… Why are you talking vegetable gardens in January?? I hear ya…… But I have a reason for talking about vegetable gardens in January I promise…..

So lets talk about why to start a vegetable garden…….. Everyone has their own reasons and I want you to comment and share yours….. My reasons are for real organic food, learning the art of growing my own, saving money and to feel wonderful when I cook or even share my bounty.

In my opinion the art of growing food for our tables is almost gone. If you talk to anyone who lived through the depression they can share their experiences and most will tell you it was a necessity to live. By growing your own food you control how it is grown. No questions about is it safe to eat or what chemicals were used to grow them. There is a big reason why farmers markets are all over the place… The cost of 1 tomato here in my town at Walmart no less is $1.38 lb… for $2 bucks I can get a pack of seeds and grow 40 tomato plants with 30 tomatoes on each…. But using what I grow and sharing it with others I can feel like i’m doing right by my family and friends.

OK your convinced its a great idea and cost effecive to boot… But…. you live in an apartment, city, or small community with little space. You can still plant something if you think outside the box…. Some ideas are get window boxes, clear out your lawn..”OH NO!!!” get a grow light set up and grow indoors… The ideas are endless if you stop and think about it…

So now why am I talking vegetable garden in January???? Like everything in life it works best if you spend some time planning and prepping for it. By thinking now you can be ready to work when its time to work instead of walking around wondering where to start. Yes… I have done this many, many times….

So What should you do in January to prep for a vegetable garden you ask??????

Here are the 4 steps you can do in January to have a FABULOUS garden in the spring and summer…

Step 1: Find out your gardening zone and your last frost date….. This is easy as can be. My garden zone is 9 and my last frost date is March 7th. ( the joys of living in Northern California..) Here are 3 websites I use that are tried and true to any gardener. They even have an app for that too..

Old Farmers Almanac The most useful site in my opinion for any gardeners.

Mother Earth News Fabulous site for organic growing and great ideas.

Burpee Seeds Another great resorce for your garden needs.

Disclosure: I used these sites and recieve NOTHING from them. They are the best tried and tested sites I have found for my garden needs.

Step 2: How much space do you have to plant? All plants need a certain amount of space for the roots and follage to grow properly. I grab a piece of paper and pencil… Always use a pencil if your like me and it takes you 4 times to draw the space correctly. Take a tape messure out and messure the space you have. Draw it to scale as best you can. This will dictate what you can plant and how much you can plant.

Step 3: What do you want to grow? For me I want it all… But I dont have the space to grow it. So you have to think what you really want to plant and use this guideline… Plant what you like to eat or what your family likes to eat.. If no one likes tomatoes and you plant 5 tomato plants you will be giving them away to everyone you see on the street. Do you like stuff for salads, do you like canning and dehydrating? Do you cook with herbs? Maybe you want to grow the biggest pumpkin! Have fun picking what grows best in your area.

I hope this helps you and I want to hear what you plan on planting this year and all your ideas. Lets help each other have the best garden in our worlds…

Glad your here….


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