Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (pilot)

Well I have a new obsession…  SHIELD… is a show that I recently saw on Netflix and I must say its wonderful. It took me almost a week to watch the 3 seasons on Netflix but it was worth it. I thought I would go through each episode and share my views and opinions.

Disclaimer: I pulled these photos of the internet only as a fan wanting to share with other fans and maybe give others that do not watch the show a good idea of the quality of the SHIELD show.

There maybe some spoilers but I will try to keep it to a minimum.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. standing for strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division. Lets just say I am glad to call it SHEILD….

Season 1 episode 1 (pilot)

First a bit of history of SHIELD…. If you are a fan of Marvel comics and the blow out movies that have come out like Ironman, Avengers, and  Captain America you probably know a bit about SHIELD. This TV show is a bit different but has the basic story of real people fighting evil and of course winning….


This first episode is an introduction to some pretty fabulous characters. We meet everyone’s favorite agent Coulson. Played by none other than Clark Gregg. Who is reprising his role from the movies. Yes he did die but you have to watch the show to understand who they need Coulson to come back from the dead.

We also meet very different types of characters like Malinda May played by the wonderful actor Ming-nu Wen. Her characters is dealing with a lot and as the show goes on you will find out what makes her tick. Then we have the “specialist” Grant Ward played by an adorable actor by the name of Brett Dalton. A walking killing machine. We also have the brains of the outfit who together make up FitzSimmons. Fitz is played by Ian De Caestecker and Simmons played by Elizabeth Henstridge who is the sweet Dr.


We see how Coulson find the star characters of this show Sky played by Chloe Bennet. A smart young girl who is a computer genious.

This is the main gang in SHEILD. In the pilot we see Coulson gather everyone and they come across Micheal Peterson who happens to have powers and they need to try to get him safe off the streets so they can help him be a hero.

They learn about each other as they hunt this man who is good at heart but is medically altered my forces  intent on taking over the world we know.

The show is a drama but it has surprisingly funny jokes and personalities that make it interesting. No matter how dramatic the situation is there is always a joke or funny moment to help the viewers see these are real people in unique situations. They remember the heart of it all and always try to do good even if they have no choice.

There are computer generated scenes but they don’t take away from the great acting and emotional turmoil each has to go through.

A show like SHEILD can show us all the light inside the dark of everyone.

I hope you will watch the show with me and enjoy it like I do. Please follow me as we have some fun in SHEILD….

Glad your here!






Thrift Store Finds!

Glad your here!

So we just had a few storms come through Northern California. Today was a beautiful day so my hubby stayed home today to help do some storm repairs. We had a window that liked to turn itself in to a waterfall and a gutter that was not completely cleaned out.

After we did out work of course….. We spend the afternoon going to the 2 thrift stores here in our town. My daughter looks for clothes, hubby movies, and me book, clothes and chicken stuff. My son just went along to laugh at us I think…

I didn’t buy it because I have no place to put it but they had a John F Kennedy tapestry. 1965 from Italy. Cool in my humble opinion. Maybe I should  go back tomorrow.. $20 bucks what do you think?


Love hunting books at thrift stores. They are not new releases but I almost always find an interesting one. This is a great place to find old cook books one of my favorite types and even do it yourself books.

I did get the Elizabeth Taylor book. For $3 it was a deal….. I love biographies on the stars who from the golden age of movies..

I DID NOT get the David Hasselhoff book…… I loved Knight Rider when I had a HUGE crush on him…  and I did watch Baywatch but……..I was cracking up in the book isle….

You have to hunt for good quality clothing at thrift stores but its worth it. Here is my daughter hiding in the racks… We found 2 shirts for .50 cents each and a sweatshirt for $2. Here is a tip…. ALWAYS wash the items before you wear them…. ICK!!!


SCORE!!!!! Found this handmade chicken purse for $8 brand new. Yes I will be using it too. It’s how I torment the family…. I’m cool like that….

Found a few movies too. We tend to watch movies and binge watch TV shows we like. Hubby is addicted to DVD’s but I found the Oceans Eleven set and the Audrey Hepburn set… I love old movies where you had to have real talent to become a star….. These were a bit more than we normally pay at $6 each but hey we were having a bit of fun…

So money-saving tip of the week… Take time to check out your local thrift stores. The 2 we have here are independent ones. One called Field Haven is a rescue organization for cats. We frequently donate to them. The other has been here forever and is privately owned. The prices are a little high for a thrift store but I do find deals when I hunt. Do some good and donate to those that help the community by donating items and purchasing that hard to find item.

Glad you are here!